Organic Farming Workshop (1st Term)

The first term organic farming workshop has successfully been held from October to December 2015!

Po Leung Kuk Community Service

18 students participated in the Inter-school Po Leung Kuk Child-care Service on 27th December.

4C Volunteer Leadership Training Camp

18 students joined the 4C Volunteer Leadership Training Camp at Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village on 19th

Interact Club - Blood Test Service Day

Rotary club- Blood test for elderly service

IMPRoved 拉闊策劃營

On 18 and 19 December 2015, nineteen students from class 6K took part in the Career Sparkle Progr

MCNE - Mainland Exchange Programme for Junior Secondary Students (2015)

The Programme aims to provide different learning experiences for students to deepen their underst

Mask Design Competition and Crystal Ball Making Workshop

The Art Club held The Mask Design Competition and Crystal Ball Making Workshop after school on 24

Prize-giving Day

The school held its annual Prize-giving Day on December 11.

Christmas Caroling

Our Choir spread the joy of Christmas everywhere!

Belilios Winds Annual Concert 2015

Our Symphonic Band performed with Belilios Winds.

「環保木椅製作。廢木重生工作坊」Make Your Own Wooden Chalr Workshop

The Alumni Homecoming Day, one of CUHK’s highlight events of the year for its alumni, was held on


香港島校長聯會、港島四區校長會和香港青年會合辦「2015年香港島傑出學生選舉」,目的是嘉許對學校及社會有承擔和傑出貢獻的學生。通過甄選和面試,本校兩位同學獲獎 :

Interact Club- "Hunger Banquet"

The Hunger Banquet organized by the Interact Club was successfully held at lunchtime on 26th Nove

Art Club - "Tie- dye Workshop"

Art Club has held a Tie-dye Workshop on 17 Nov 2015.

Government House Open Day Performance

Music teams of the our school, including string quartet, flute ensemble, brass ensemble, choral e

Music Competitions (November and December)

Our music teams obtained very satisfactory results in various music competitions.

Eco Expo Asia 2015

A group of S1-S5 students went to Asia-Expo Hong Kong to attend the Eco Expo and a meet-and-greet

Interact Club - Rotary Luncheon

On 22nd October, two interators joined the Rotary luncheon meeting at Peninsula Hotel.

Party Appetizers – Shrimp Toast & Shrimp Balls

The new academic year has come and a wide variety of adorable workshops will be blooming and insp