The Belilians 2021-2022

Chan Kak Tong Charmaine 4B

Chan Suen Wing 4H

Chan Tung Dawn 6P

Huang Xin Yue 4S

Kwok Hiu Yeung 4P

Law Wing Hei 4H

Tang Yuet Yi 6P

Yu Ming Yan 6S

A Gecko
by Leung Tsz Kiu Amanda 2P

A Leaflet about Teens’ Well-being—For Troubled Teens
by Lai Ho Tsing 5S

A Worm
by Yam Hazel 2P

An Interview with Confucius
by Ip QIng Fang 3S

Be Honest with Me
by Man Yuet 4B

by Cheung Lai Man Nicole 1B

by Zhao Yufei 5S

Hong Kong on a Budget Diverse Attractions and Activities
by Lin Hoi man 3H

Mr. Smith and George
by Hung Tsz Key 2P

Reawakening on a Winter’s Day
by To Tsz Yui Rhoda 4B

by Cheung Wing Tung 5B

by Yu Sum Ying 1H

Sun and Sunflower
by Chung Chloe 5S

The Broken Vase
by Wong Hong Yau 4H

The Shooting Star
by Chan Cheuk Tung 5S

The True Story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf
by Tang O Ling Alina 2P

Think Outside the Box
by Tsai Katie 4S

Trapped Truth
by Kwok Wai Tsing Whitney 5S

Winter Roses
by Chin Wai Tak 5B

Youth over Yonder
by HO Ka Yi Yuki 5B



The Belilians 2020-2021

Chen Wan Yi 3S

Chan Tin Ching 3H

Chan Kak Tong Charmaine 3P

A Special Mystery Box
by Ng Wing Sze 4S

Being Eco-friendly is a Human Duty, Not a Social Media Trend
by Ahamed Alina 4H

by Kong Ching Yiu 2H

Earth Hour
by Law Yan Yan 5P

by Tsai Katie 3P

Soul Transformation
by Tu Chin-chin 2B

Stuffed Animals
by Ting Evangeline Ying-eng 3P

Belilios Public School
by Li Suet-ying 1S

by Ho Cheuk-wa 1S

Maple Leaf
by Yeung Yat-chun 1S

The Mummy
by Kwan Wai-yee 2H

by Chiu Hoi-ning 2B



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