Congratulations to our student 5P Chua Yu Tong who participated in the "Wonderful Imagination of Modern Life Inspired by Dunhuang" Poster Design Competition (敦煌與現代生活之奇思妙想)and she has won the 2nd runner-up in the senior secondary students division and will take part in the "Dunhuang Cultural Tour" in July 2015, which will enable her to further develop her interest in Art. Her work, "Thoughts of Bliss"(極樂妙想), is about travelling to the Land of Bliss 極樂世界 due to the limited space and polluted environment on Earth and creating a new world based on the old Dunhuang. The Land of Bliss allows you to enjoy a tranquil and affluent life, just like living in the prosperous Dunhuang in the past, with a well-developed system and sufficient resources. The food and clothing, transport network, places for living and so on can satisfy all people's need and wants. This is a place where happiness forever exists and serenity is maintained.

Event Date(s): 2015-04-25