As the theme of the 125th Anniversary Concert ‘Prominence - From Excellence to Eminence’ presented, the concert on 29th September 2015 was a showcase of the long tradition of excellent art education which Belilios Public School has been prominent for. The tradition was upheld by different generations of multi-talented Belilians, orchestrating a symphony of performances ranging from music to dance and speech for such a celebratory occasion. 

The highlights of the concert were the Rumanian folk dancers twirling to the live music of the string orchestra and the ballerinas gliding gracefully to the melody of Les Misérables. The evening ended with a high note of the variations of the school song choreographed by our alumna.

The attendance of the guest-of-honour, Professor Gabriel Leung, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, with his mother, Mrs Jennie Leung, who was a former music teacher nurturing music talent at Belilios, made the concert a memorable event.

Event Date(s): 2015-09-29