This year, the 1st Staff Development Day was held on 21st October 2010 and the theme was “Personal Wellness (養生)”. In the morning, Madam KAN Ching-wa, a registered Chinese medicine practitioner from the United Christian Nethersole Community Service was invited to conduct a Chinese medicine talk to our staff. In the talk, our staff was introduced ways of stress management from a Chinese medicine perspective, namely diet control, acupressure, herbal medication and acupuncture. During the break time, our staff enjoyed the remarkable opening ceremony of the Green Roof, our roof top garden with desserts, fruits and drinks.
In the afternoon, recreational activities such as cake baking, ball games, chess games and karaoke were organized for stress alleviation of our staff.
Our staff enjoyed the day very much and the objectives of the programmes were achieved too.

Event Date(s): 2010-10-21