Student Honour List / Scholarship

Date Organization Programme Academic Honours / Scholarship Class (Year) Student Name
2020-09-14 The Chinese University of Hong Kong – The Faculty of Social Science Architectural Studies Head’s List (Service); Dean’s List 6B (2014/2015)
CHO Lok-man
Admission Scholarships for Local Students; CW Chu Foundation Scholarship 6H (2017/2018) WONG Nga-lam
Journalism and Communication Talent Development Scholarship 6S (2015/2016) TANG Yik-ning
Global Communication Lanson Exchange Scholarships 6H (2016/2017) WONG Lok-tung
2020-10 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – School of Business and Management BBA(ACCT &IS) Dean’s List (2019-20 Spring) 6P (2015/2016) CHAN Yan-ying
BBA(FINA & IS) Academic Exchange – Queen’s University (2019-20 Spring) 6P (2016/2017) CHAN Katie Kam-wing
BBA(GBUS & MARK) University Scholarship 6B (2017/2018) LEE Sze-ngo
BBA(IS & MARK) Dean’s List (2019-20 Spring) 6P (2015/2016) CHAN Wing-sze
BSc(QFIN) Dean’s List (2019-20 Fall);
Dean’s List (2019-20 Spring);
HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship;
The Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Scholarship
6S (2018/2019) LI Pui-kwan Joycelyn
Business and Management Dean’s List (2019-20 Spring) 6P (2018/2019) NG Pui-pui
2020-10-23 Hong Kong Baptist University Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in English Language and Literature Dean’s List (Semester 1) 6B (2016/2017) KWOK Hiu-ling
Dean’s List (Semester 1);
First Class Honours
6S (2014/2015) KWONG Shuk-ngan
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) (Applied Economics Concentration) Dean’s List (Semester 1, 2) 6S (2018/2019) YIP Pin-lam
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) (Finance Concentration) Dean’s List (Semester 1);
President’s Honour Roll (Semester 2)
6P (2017/2018) YEUNG Yan-ching Crystal
Bachelor of Chinese Medicine and Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Biomedical Science Dean’s List (Semester 1);
President’s Honour Roll (Semester 2)
6B (2016/2017) FONG Hoi-yan
Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) in Film (Animation and Media Arts Concentration) Dean’s List (Semester 1) 6H (2018/2019) CHAN Wai-lam
Bachelor of Communication (Hons.) in Public Relations and Advertising (Organizational Communication Concentration) Dean’s List (Semester 2) 6S (2016/2017) CHAN Tsz-ying
Bachelor of Social Work (Hons.) Dean’s List (Semester 1, 2) 6H (2015/2016) WONG Hiu-lam