Thirty-four students from S.5P attended a sharing session by Ms WANG Yaping, the second Chinese female astronaut in space in the 2017 InnoTech Expo at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 27th September 2017.

During the sharing session, Ms WANG explained to students that perseverance and passion were important qualities for anyone to realize their dreams. The organizer, Our Hong Kong Foundation, also scheduled a Q&A session for six Hong Kong students to ask Ms WANG questions on stage.

LAM Hoi-tong Angie of S.5P represented our school and asked Ms WANG how she would share her experience in space with her fellow astronauts. Ms WANG replied that she was grateful for all the guidance and support from her predecessors in the Chinese space programme. She would continue to embrace this spirit so that China’s space technology could reach new heights.

Event Date(s): 2017-09-27