In summer, one S4 student and ten S3 students participated in the Brescia LEAD 2017 and Canada Culture and Language Camp 2017 respectively. 

Brescia LEAD 2017
The 17-day summer camp offered an opportunity for the S.4 student to identify her leadership and special attributes, understand characteristics associated with successful leaders, and develop skills that are important to grow into leaders of tomorrow. The camp covered topics such as Self-Discovery, Leadership Attributes, Interpersonal Relationship, and Self-Confidence through activity-based learning methods like workshops and team-building games. 

Canada Culture and Language Camp 2017
The 2-week camp offered an opportunity for our students to experience Canadian culture and education. Students were assigned to stay with host families, which gave them the opportunity to fully immerse into an English speaking environment and local life. Students had English Language lessons at a local university. Besides English lessons, students had the opportunity to participate in various outdoor activities like kayaking, horseback riding, and U-picking.

Event Date(s): 2017-08-10