Last Summer, nine of our Secondary Two girls participated in the 16th Singapore-Hong Kong Exchange Programme 2017 organized by the Hong Kong Education Bureau and Singapore’s Ministry of Education. A total of 120 students from six Singapore secondary schools and seven Hong Kong secondary schools joined this programme.

The purposes of this exchange programme are to promote educational and cultural exchange between Singapore and Hong Kong schools; to provide opportunities for Singapore and Hong Kong students to broaden their perspective and to learn social and language skills; to cultivate respect for differences in culture. The nine BPS girls attended classes and participated in extra-curricular activities from 15th to 22nd July 2017 in the first leg of the programme in Singapore. They gained invaluable experience of learning about Singapore’s school cultures, broadened their horizons and made a lot of new friends. 

After four months, nine Singapore students had their return visit to Hong Kong from 4th to 11th Nov 2017 in the second leg of the programme. They attended classes in BPS and visited The Peak and attended Y.E.S. programme of Disneyland with the nine BPS girls. All these have enriched their knowledge and also nurtured their friendships. The exchange programme came to an end after the closing ceremony on 10th Nov 2017. All the Singaporean and Hong Kong students found this programme fruitful and educational.

Event Date(s): 2017-11-11