The school put up an English musical, “Dream On”, at 8 p.m. on 12th (Mon) and 13th (Tues) of July 2010 at Y-Theatre, Youth Square Chai Wan. The show involved over 100 students from S1 – S7. 

Practice and rehearsals started from February 2010 and continued all through the second term. Through staging the musical, the actresses were encouraged to challenge their known limits and to work as hard as they possibly could so that they could stretch their potential to the fullest. 

The final product was certainly something students could be proud of. Their effort was rewarded by the tremendous response to the musical. The audiences on both days were dazzled by the performance of the students. They were delighted at the talents displayed and could feel the enthusiasm of all involved. 

Event Date(s): 2010-07-12